Scared of Expensive Digital Marketing Services?

Utilize low cost digital marketing services from marketBE

Designed for very small businesses

Scared of Expensive Digital Marketing Services?

Utilize low cost digital marketing services
from marketBE

Designed for very small businesses
Pricing starts at $99 per month 

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marketBE will provide solutions to all your digital marketing needs.marketBE will design and execute a custom made digital strategy by working with the dedication of internal resources, to fully understand your business needs, and, to create the right processes to meet your goals - all at a highly affordable price for your business! With marketBE you can:

Know More

Know more about how marketing operations are aligned to sales.

See More

See more of your efforts delivering the desired outcomes.

Do More

Do more of the activities which will result in increased revenue.

Be More

marketBE helps you be more of a marketeer. Be an uBEr Marketeer.

Not sure of what it means to take the plunge in to digital marketing activities for your small business?

Read our informative guide: What every business owner needs to know about digital marketing.

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Can small business digital marketing succeed with tight budgets? Oh! Yes!

Every business these days, needs digital marketing to gain new customers or build relationships with existing ones. As digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and helps you get ahead of your competition, it is important to embrace digital marketing without any delays.

If digital marketing costs are a concern, marketBE has designed a low cost, fixed budget digital marketing service for very small businesses with tight budgets, to address your needs through a dedicated team of expert digital marketing professionals.

Signs that you need a virtual digital marketing manager service

  • Feeling left out of Digital Marketing Mix compared to your competition?
  • Know you need to dive in to Digital Marketing, not sure where to start
  • Know what you need for your business, but afraid of Digital Marketing Costs?
  • In spite of best efforts, overwhelmed by the alphabet soup of Digital Marketing?
  • Know the extent of work that needs to be done, but, cannot afford resources in-house?
  • Need Fixed Cost Digital Marketing?

Time to consult marketBE, whatever may be your issue with Digital Marketing. We provide expert, affordable, Virtual Digital Marketing Manager Services for Very Small Businesses.

Our Digital Marketing ServicesWhat we excel at:

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Digital Market Landscape has many disparate entities such as websites, social media properties, in-bound and out-bound marketing activities etc., all driven by targeted content to achieve business goals…

Website Re-design

Web technologies are continuously evolving. So is your business. A re-design of your current website might be necessary if you would like to improve the look and feel as well as better website outcomes aligned to your business…..

Fixed Budget Digital Marketing

marketBe will provide comprehensive, end-to-end digital marketing services integrating all your web properties such as website, social media channels, organic search marketing, content marketing, out bound marketing activities….

Digital Marketing Monitoring

marketBe will monitor your Digital Marketing activities regularly, covering your website, social media properties, keyword ranking, opportunities for link building etc., along with Google Analytics;….

Digital Marketing Audit

marketBE can evaluate your current digital channels and digital assets to identify possible gaps in your digital marketing strategy with respect to your business objectives…

Design Service

marketBE provides comprehensive design services covering brand identity kit development, design of website layouts, landing pages, eMail templates, power point template, marketing flyers as well as collateral….

Our digital marketing skillsWhat we are good at!

Fixed Cost Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Audit
Website Re-Design
Digital Marketing Strategy

What do we do?What we believe in!

Business, small to big are on to digital marketing. Yet, your small business have not kept up with the pace required for your businesses to stand out from the competition. We assess your current digital marketing capabilities, identify gaps and provide actionable inputs for improvement. We will work closely with you with the dedication of your internal resources to deliver the results. That too, at a breakthrough price!

Fixed cost digital marketing for very small businesses

Outsourced and managed digital marketing for Micro, Small businesses.

  • Suited for Very Small Businesses, which can not afford expensive digital marketing agencies. Comprehensive, one-stop end-to-end digital marketing services.
  • Provides services such as Website administration, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, eMail Marketing, Graphic Design, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Ads etc. 

Monthly service charges as low as $500 per month.

Want to know the status of your Digital Marketing?