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marketBE provides an objective driven, unified and integrated digital marketing strategy for effective goal conversions. Digital Marketing Landscape has many disparate entities like web site, social media properties and other in-bound and out-bound marketing activities, driven by targeted content to achieve business goals. This is not possible unless all the components of Digital Marketing are working in harmony.


What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

marketBE designs and delivers an optimized Digital Marketing Strategy fine tuned to the needs of individual businesses. Every business is unique in its own ways and marketBE understands the business needs and puts in the efforts to understand the industry vertical as well as the market segments in which businesses operate. In order to provide an optimum solution to businesses, the experts at marketBE examine the following interacting components of the Digital Marketing Solution to create the best fit for the businesses:

  • Web Site
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

All businesses undertake a journey over a period of time on the path of progress in Digital Marketing. The business transformation takes place incrementally, as per the changing needs of the organization, and, hence, it is essential for all businesses which have set out on the path of Digital Marketing with activities over a period of time conduct a Digital Strategy assessment. Also, it is very important for businesses to create an optimized Digital Marketing Architecture for measurable outcomes through unification:

  • Products are targeted at Buyer Personas
  • Buyer Personas influence Keyword Strategies
  • Keywords Drive Content
  • Content drives Leads
  • Website captures Leads
  • Leads are nurtured to Customers
  • Customers become Fans
  • Fans bring more Customers

What are the tangible benefits of an effective digital marketing strategy?

Digital channels and digital assets of businesses grow over time, reflecting the dynamic requirements of individual businesses. Many businesses, typically start with a website, adding other digital channels and tools like social media, paid media, marketing automation and CRM. As the marketing technology landscape is very dynamic and complex, many businesses fail to stay updated with the challenges faced in obtaining the required marketing ROI.

  • Unified approach to Marketing and Sales
  • Architecture integrates all the components to provide synchronized results
  • All the components in the Digital marketing framework connected by a common objective
  • Brings a perfect alignment and agreement between Marketing and Sales to improve Customer Decision Journey
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