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marketBE will conduct digital marketing audit to evaluate your current digital channels and digital assets to identify the gaps in your digital marketing strategy with regards to your business objectives; and, provides actionable inputs for improving your marketing ROI.

Why digital marketing audit?

Digital channels and digital assets of businesses grow over time, reflecting the dynamic requirements of individual businesses. The product and service offerings, the buyer personas, and, the customer decision journey process changes with business growth. This could result in your website and other digital properties as well as your processes not being in tune with the transformed reality of your business focus. All these could result in the need for a digital marketing audit to assess the way your current business is aligned to your digital marketing channels.

The Digital marketing audit and assessment results in creating the base line of your digital marketing framework as it exists today; and will Identify opportunities for cost-savings, performance improvement, and competitive superiority through a 360 Degree Assessment Methodology to help clients wade through the maze of digital marketing mix, which has become unwieldy, complex and vulnerable to inefficiencies.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic landscape and businesses need to assess their strategies periodically to evaluate if the digital marketing operations are in alignment with the business objectives; and, are up-to-date as per the emerging trends in the market place.

A comprehensive digital marketing audit covers the digital channels, digital assets, communication framework and marketing and sales alignment processes to evaluate if they are in tune with the emerging trends and are “in sync” across multiple channels.

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