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marketBE will conduct a comprehensive 360 degree overview of your current website to enable redesign, covering all aspects of contemporary design elements for creating an aesthetically appealing website. The website redesign will incorporate website search optimization techniques for better online visibility for providing a fillip to digital marketing activities through data driven and conversion optimized website design techniques, while retaining the search and social equity during website migration.

Need for Website Redesign?

A website is the showroom for your business on the web and is the most valuable marketing tool, converging all the outcomes arising out of inbound and outbound marketing activities. Businesses evolve continuously, the brand image undergoes transformation, the buyer personas change along with the service or product offerings which will have an impact on the customer decision journey. All these may entail a website redesign. Executing a website redesign may imply a need for a fundamental change, revisit to your business ecosystem which could lead to a visual or technical overhaul or your website, a brand repositioning as well as major overhaul of marketing strategy, or, even a combination of all these elements. Website redesign affects your business as a whole and, if not handled properly, could even reduce your website visibility score, instead of improving upon your online presence indices. Website redesign must be data driven in order to retain the search equity and social equity of the old website and conversion driven for implementing successful digital marketing strategy.

What can be expected out of your website redesign?

  • The website must reflect your brand equity and show it in its full glory.
  • It must reflect the dynamic nature of your audience
  • Easy to access the call to action items and the offerings of interest to your visitors
  • It must be responsive, rendering well on multiple devices providing optimized user experience irrespective of the devices.
  • It should compare well against the competitors in terms of the functionality and user experience.
  • It should be developed on a Content Management System which is easy to maintain and update?
  • It should provide opportunities for the visitors to convert to leads focussing on the Customer Decision Journey stages rather than at the bottom of the funnel only.
  • It should take into account the current website’s visitor metrics.
  • It should retain the search equity and social equity during the redesign and migration stage.

marketBE's redesign process

Website Discovery Step

The discovery phase is meant to capture your requirements with regards to User Interface (UI), User eXperience (UX), Functionality and Content, to provide inputs for development.

Website Design Step

Our designers apply their creative skills to deliver on the User Interface and User eXperience requirements we gathered during the discovery phase.
We use fully responsive design techniques which automatically adapt to the device that they are being viewed on.

Website Development Step

For developing our clients’ websites, we use content management systems like WordPress, due to its self-service nature and also, design using HTML 5 and compatible web development technologies.

Website Content Step

High quality content is relevant to the subject matter of the website and is properly tagged to maximize SEO rewards, where in our SEO experts will rewrite portions of your content to maximize its SEO benefit to make your site rank for your most important search terms.

Local SEO

When a business is local in nature, Local Search Engine Optimization is important because it drives traffic to your website by increasing your site’s search engine performance.

Website QA Step

The website QA (Quality Assurance) step is for review of the site to insure that it is bug free. Each site is reviewed on multiple devices using multiple browsers. Our sites are guaranteed to be bug-free.
Once the website QA step is complete, it is time to move the site to the final hosting location.

Site Migration

When a business owner with an existing website moves to a new design, a complete SEO site migration is needed to retain established search engine equity and social equity.

Website and digital assets performance monitoring

Once the website and associated digital assets are created and optimized; Google Analytics and search console accounts are set-up, it is essential to monitor the visibility of your website assess the marketing efforts and sales ROI.

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